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Founded in 2010 as Capital Homes LLC, our primary focus for 7 years was residential remodeling and single family new construction.  We were always focused on lower volume, higher quality homes, trying to be one step ahead of the competition.


In the spring of 2023 we re-branded as Cutler Construction Company.  Our experience includes historic tax credit projects, commercial and multifamily new construction, and restoration of old commercial buildings.  We still have a foothold in housing, building 1-3 custom houses per year.  


We are a small business, employing 13 people.  We have 4 project managers / superintendents that run all of the day-to-day construction operations, and subcontract 90% of the work.  Each project manager has 1-2 helpers that take care of odds-and-ends such as cleaning, punch-list, errands, and general management / maintenance.  In the office we have 4 people to take care of estimating, RFI’s and Submittals, accounting and bill pay, and facilitation of communication between owners, subcontractors, vendors, and our field team. 


The majority of our subcontractors have been with us 10+ years, and are lean enough to be competitive with single family residential construction, but sophisticated enough to also do our multifamily, commercial, and mixed use projects.


A West Des Moines native, Peter got his start in building at a young age when he constructed 'build your own tool bench' kits and sold to parents with young kids in his neighborhood. After graduating from Iowa State University with a major in construction engineering, he pursued turning his skills and education into a career. He currently lives in Des Moines with his wife and 2 children, and in his free time enjoys climbing, fishing, biking, and camping. 

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