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Founded in 2010 as Capital Homes by Barrett Boesen and myself, Peter Cutler.  We decided to combine our talents to grow the city we love, originally focusing exclusively on single family housing,


We have since gained expertise in larger commercial and multifamily projects.  Including, mixed use, multi-family and commercial new construction, and the restoration of old commercial buildings, utilizing the Historic Tax Credit.


As our volume of work shifted away from single family housing, towards larger scale commercial projects, we seemed to outgrow the name Capital Homes.  We have since become the Cutler Construction Company.  I am proud to have my name associated with the unique and exciting projects we have completed, and excited to continue growing the city I love. 


A West Des Moines native, Peter got his start in building at a young age when he constructed 'build your own tool bench' kits and sold to parents with young kids in his neighborhood. After graduating from Iowa State University with a major in construction engineering, he pursued turning his skills and education into a career. He currently lives in Des Moines with his wife and 2 children, and in his free time enjoys climbing, fishing, biking, and camping. 

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